Services in this area include assistance in the main corporate or business operations, such as:

  • Incorporating and organizing the legal structure of public or private partnerships.
  • Structuring mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and reorganizations.
  • Preparing and negotiating purchase agreements for stock or assets.
  • Conducting legal audits. (due diligence)
  • Structuring co-investment projects. (“joint venture”)
  • Structuring trust funds.
  • Preparing all kinds of civil or business contracts, such as purchase, lease, construction, distribution agreements, and others.
  • Keeping corporate books and records as required by the applicable laws for Mexican companies, both public or private.
  • Participating as a Secretary or Pro-Secretary in Boards of Directors.



An important part of our services is advice and representation during civil, mercantile, labor and criminal litigation, including the writ of Amparo, with ours being one of the top litigation firms.

Our lawyers are experienced in this area and have even served as officials in State and Federal courts.

Our services include advice in legal procedures associated with:

  • Disagreements between shareholders or partners in mercantile and civil partnerships.
  • Enforcement and termination of civil or mercantile agreements.
  • Loan collections.
  • Administrative disputes and procedures before the Government Authorities regarding the issuance of licenses, concessions, bids, etc.

Filing the Writ of Amparo against laws or acts of authority. Furthermore, we provide advice to our clients in alternate procedures for dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.


Our location in a geographic area that is rich in precious mineral deposits has favored BGM lawyers becoming experts in personal and direct advice for national and foreign clients in various operations related to mining activities.

Our services include, among others:

  • Legal advice to negotiate exploration and/or exploitation concessions in mining properties
  • Procedures for compliance with administrative obligations related to mining concessions and applicable regulation, including environmental aspects.
  • Support and follow-up to obtain general and special permits from the National Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) to purchase, store and use explosives.

Negotiating and preparing contracts for the surface use and exploitation of the lands where the mining properties are located, whether it be ejido, communal or privately-owned lands.

Public Brokerage:

Along with our Corporate and Real Estate areas, we provide assistance to our clients when formalizing general contracts and documents that require certification before a notary public or a public broker. With our public brokerage service, we provide formalization of various mercantile acts, such as:

  • Incorporating mercantile or civil associations.
  • Formalizing minutes from partner assemblies, Boards of Directors, etc.
  • Creating trust funds involving real estate.
  • Formalizing mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions.
  • Preparing notices or factual witnessing statements.
  • Preparing appraisals.

Through the strategic partnership we have with various notaries public, we also provide advice for operations such as:

  • Acquiring real estate property and formalizing guarantees over said property.
  • Formalizing loans with guarantees over real estate property.

Creating commercial, industrial or residential condo or neighborhood developments.


We represent employers in all matters associated with labor law and employee relations Our services are preventive in nature to create the best work environment in their companies, prevent conflicts and meet all labor requirements. Our services include:

  • Preparing individual and collective work agreements.
  • Negotiating with unions to execute collective work agreements.
  • Advising companies during unionization processes.
  • Coordinating the litigation of labor matters before the Federal or Local Conciliation and Arbitration Boards.
  • Providing guidance when structuring labor benefits, particularly the integration of mixed committees (profit sharing, training and development and health and safety) that need to be created by law.
  • Advising during employee termination.
  • Assisting in all matters related with IMSS and INFONAVIT.

Due diligence in labor matters.

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